Manifest of the Communist Party, Karl Marx and Frederick Engels - limited edition

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limited - special edition

The Manifesto was published as the platform of the Communist League, a working men’ s association, first exclusively German, later on international, and under the political conditions of the Continent before 1848, unavoidably a secret society. At a Congress of the League, held in November 1847, Marx and Engels were commissioned to prepare a complete theoretical and practical party programme. Drawn up in German, in January 1848, the manuscript was sent to the printer in London a few weeks before the French Revolution. (..).

The present translation is by Mr Samuel Moore, the translator of the greater portion of Marx’ s Capital. We have revised it in common, and I have added a few notes explanatory of historical allusions. (..)

Frederick Engels
January 30, 1888, London

Transcription Zodiac and Brian Baggins;  Proofed: and corrected against 1888 English Edition by Andy Blunden.

Design: Elisabeth Rafstedt and Sophie Rentien Lando